The EMI6B is one of the most popular and unique metal filing cabinets available today.

It was originally produced in 1972, but the EIR-6 was later produced and then the E6B was produced in 1978.

The EIR6 is the first metal cabinet to have a removable top plate that allows it to fit in a large number of locations.

It also has a wide variety of sizes, and is available in both black and white finishes.

I purchased my EIR 6B in January, 2019, after receiving a call from a friend about it.

This was my first metal folding cabinet, and I’ve been a metal filing fan ever since.

The black finish gives it a unique look that complements the interior of my office.

I used the Eir6B to help install a new hard drive on a Lenovo Thinkpad T430s, which I use to host the site for my daily research.

The cabinet is extremely sturdy and very well built.

The metal plate that covers the bottom of the cabinet makes it very easy to clean up after use.

I also like that the cabinet has a large area for cleaning and storage of tools and other equipment.

The top plate, which sits on top of the sliding door, is extremely well designed and easy to access.

The plastic drawer that is on top, which is also removable, is easily accessible, and has a very good retention feature.

There is a large storage compartment underneath the cabinet, which allows for easy storage of storage equipment and other items.

I would definitely recommend the Eironas EMI 6B as a very unique metal folding desk, and an excellent desk for office work.

The price is right, and it’s easy to put together and assemble, making it a very versatile desk.


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