Beyblade, the metal cutter for the popular guitar synthesizer, is making a splash in the music industry with its latest release.

BeyBlade Metal Fusion, a collaboration between Bey and Dune, is an ambitious, full-bodied, full bass-heavy release that features a powerful bassline and a full, full, headlining lineup of metal instruments.

A lot of the tracks are very unique, with heavy guitars and basslines that are almost too powerful for what we’re used to.

You have the powerful bass line, which is so powerful it can blow you away, but you also have a powerful vocal, which you can really get a feel for, and a lot of that is a combination of the two, Beyblades drummer and co-producer John Cale said in a press release.

It’s an absolutely beautiful collaboration, and we hope you guys will be as excited as we are to see how this one turns out.

Belyblade Metal Fusion is available on BeyBelly and

Check out some of the tracklist below:Beyblade Metal Fusions tracklistBeyblade Metal Fusion tracklist BeyBlade Metal Fusion tracklistThe Beybelly Music team:John Cale, producer, Belyblades.

Arturo Sánchez, co-founder and CEO, Beylabs.

Danielle Dominguez, music director, Belys.

Tanya Capp, assistant producer, Dune.

Daniele Cagioli, director, DUNE.

Kathryn L. Smith, music manager, Beymagic.

Lydia Jardine, music coordinator, Beys.


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