Metalhead has announced that it will be the official headboard for the upcoming album Metalhead by Death Metal.

The headboard will be available on April 15th via, a website that also sells a range of other Death Metal merchandise, and will be manufactured by Myspace in collaboration with Death Metal’s head sculptor, David Stempel.

The new Metalhead head board will be in metal for the first time, and has a matte finish.

There are plans to release the metal-coated metalheadboard in black and grey.

You can find a full breakdown of the new metalhead board in the video above. 

In a statement, Metalhead’s head creator, David Sturtevant, explained the reasoning behind MetalheadHead.

“Metalhead is a collaboration between me and the head sculptors David Stelper, who sculpt all the Death Metal head designs and logos.

We both enjoy making metal and Metalhead will allow me to get more creative with the designs.” 

Metalhead will be sold in metal-stained black and white, as well as matte-coating, as the Death Machine’s official headboards. 

Myspace’s Metalhead store sells all Death Metal merch and offers a range in metal headboards, from the traditional metalhead to the more abstract metallichead. 

We contacted Metalhead for comment on this article. 

Metalheads headboards will be on sale from April 15, but you can pre-order now for April 14, 2016. 

If you want to check out the metalheadheadheadboard, you can find it on the metalheads website or via Mysspace.


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