A word of advice: metalcore is a term used to describe bands like Anthrax, Slipknot and Mastodon who use heavy metal music as their main focus, with their other influences including rock, funk and country.

But the term isn’t the only thing that defines metalcore.

There’s also the term heavy metal, which is also sometimes used to mean a subgenre of heavy metal.

“Metalcore” is the term used for bands like Mastodon, SlipKnot and Anthrax who use metal music for their main aim, with metalcore being their other source of influences.

Photo: ABC News.

The Australian article The term metalcore has a lot of history in the Australian metal scene.

In fact, the term is actually used to define bands like the Mastodon and SlipkNOT, as well as Anthrax and Masturises bands.

The Mastodon name has been used in the lyrics of Mastodon albums, and on their songs like “The Long Wait”.

It has been a long time coming for the band, as they started out as a folk rock band in the mid-1980s.

But they were in heavy metal bands in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the band’s most recent album was released in 2012.

The band went on to release their debut album, and their next album was Metalcore, which featured more metalcore elements.

In 2013, the band released their third album, Metalcore: The Ultimate Experience, which was a metalcore album with a more hardcore bent.

“We’re the band that coined the term,” said drummer John Ritter.

“That’s when we started getting calls from people asking what we were doing.

We had a lot more people who wanted to know what metalcore was, than people who were actually interested in metalcore.”

Ritter and guitarist Matt Condon are also the band members of Anthrax.

The word “metalcore” was coined in 1996 by Metallica frontman and former bandmate Krist Novoselic.

It’s a genre of heavy music that involves heavy metal guitars, vocals and drums.

It’s a form of rock and roll music, but there’s also a metal element in it, with drumming and bass.

The genre has grown in popularity over the years, but it still has its roots in folk and rock music, as the name “metal” would suggest.

“It’s not about how hard the songs are, but about the style of music, which tends to be a bit more grunge than metal,” said Ritter, who also plays guitar and vocals.

“Metal is the only genre that I can think of where the metal part of the name is more obvious, but the songs themselves are still metal.”

I think it’s a really good name for a genre, because it’s still rock and Roll.

“The term ‘metalcore’ is the same as metal and that’s a pretty good definition of it.

It means people who are into heavy metal and metalcore, that’s what I want to be known for.”

Metalcore is the latest term to be coined in Australian metal circles, with the band Anthrax releasing a song called Metalcore that was written and produced by Ritter and Condon.

“This is the one I’d use for myself,” said Condon, who is also the guitarist for Mastodon.

“Anthrax is my first metal band, so I always have a fondness for the genre and I like the band name Anthrax.”

The song Metalcore was released last year, and was an instant hit, with over 20 million plays on YouTube.

Metalcore fans have been tweeting about it, and Ritter has also been tweeting from his account on the subject.

“What’s the big deal with metal and heavy metal?” he said.”

For the first time, I feel like I can do something that isn’t just a rock and ‘n roll song, that has a heavy metal vibe to it.

“People say metal is just a genre.

But I think it has its own style and I think the genre itself is interesting.””

The genre is what you make of it, the way you play it, it’s what makes it cool,” he added.

But metalcore isn’t really about the songs, and its not really about what the band is into.

The name “metallic blues” was created in the 1950s by American blues singer Willie Nelson, who called it “a blues song with a metal flavour” after seeing a video of the group performing.

In the 1970s, the music of the band Metallica became popular, and by the 1990s, metalcore became the norm.

In 2012, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation launched a popular metal radio show, and in 2015, the genre was officially declared a sport by the World Rugby Council.

“When you hear the term ‘metallic’, it sounds like


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