A metal shelved unit has been sold in Adelaide, as the company behind it says it’s too expensive to run.

The Adelaide Metal Supply and Repair Association said it will not be selling the shelving for another year, citing the cost of repairs.

“This is a huge undertaking for the company, and it’s time for them to look at it from a cost perspective,” said Matt Pang, the president of the association.

He said the metal shelvers cost about $1,500 each.

Mr Pang said it’s not the first time the company has sold a metal shelver.

In 2017, a similar type of metal shelve was sold for $1.5 million.

Metal Shelves in Adelaide Source: News.au “The company has been selling these in Adelaide for a number of years now, so we’re aware of that and we understand it.”

But we have to recognise that the cost is prohibitive for the Adelaide Metal Suppliers Association to sell these at the moment.

“Mr Pung said it would take more than two years to get the cost down, and the association is also looking at how the units could be used in other parts of Adelaide.”

The more we do the research, the more likely we are to come to the conclusion that this is something we should look at as a potential project, rather than simply an asset that we’ll sell at some point down the track,” he said.”

We’re also looking into the feasibility of using these in other industries.

“Metal shelving is a popular industry in Adelaide and has grown in popularity in recent years, as people turn to living rooms to house their living spaces.

Adelaide Metal Supply is currently the only metal supplier in Adelaide.

The company said it was not aware of any other metal supply projects in the state, with the sole supplier in Tasmania having been sold.


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