Posted February 02, 2019 12:00:00A new look for metal stair risers has been introduced at the Australian National University’s MELT facility in Melbourne.

The metal railing has been replaced with a new design and is currently being installed at the centre of the facility, and will be fully operational by the end of 2019.

The facility’s new look will be announced later this year.

The MELTA facility is currently home to an array of other structures, including a large water reservoir, the main building for the university’s Centre for Environmental Studies, the Melbourne Institute for Applied Mathematics, and the Melbourne Aquarium.

The new design at the MELMT facility has also been adopted for other facilities.

The institute’s Department of Geography, Urban and Regional Planning has also implemented a new lighting design to improve the facility’s ambience, according to a press release.

This new lighting will be used to improve nightlife and enhance visibility, the release said.

A spokesperson for the Melset university told The Conversation it was a challenging and time-consuming process to adapt to the new design, and that they were confident in its future.”MELT has always been a place where we all live, work and play,” they said.

“We have always worked to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone.”

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