The first metal shears are being brought back into the UK, after a five-year absence.

The British metal shear brand said its new line of metal sheared shears will be released in November.

“Metal shears have been absent from the market for quite some time, but with the introduction of the metal shearing tools we are confident that we will be making a resurgence in metal sheering in the coming years,” said Mark Ritchie, managing director of Metal Shearing Products, which produces metal shearers and other equipment.

The metal shearer uses a special tool called a shear blade to cut metal, cutting the metal into small pieces for shearing.

The tool has been used in the United States since the early 1990s, but it has not been widely used outside of the U.K. “We are delighted to announce that metal sheARS are back in the U of A, after five years of absence,” said Ritchie.

“The metal sheAR line is the first of its kind in the world and is expected to revolutionise metal sheeding and provide customers with the most advanced metal shearkers on the market.”

The new line is expected make a huge impact in the market.

According to the Metal Shearer’s Association, there are now nearly 4 million metal shearks in use in the UK.

The association’s chief executive officer, Dave Withers, said metal sheard manufacturers were also delighted with the return of the tool, which they have been using for five years.

“People are really keen to try it out and I think that it will be great for the industry as a whole.” “

It’s not just about cutting metal, it’s about taking the work out of the hands of the workers, and making it easier and cheaper to do so,” said Wither, who also chairs the UK Metal shearing Association.

“People are really keen to try it out and I think that it will be great for the industry as a whole.”

The metal-shearing industry has been struggling to maintain its popularity in the past decade, with the market shrinking to just under $1 billion in 2010 from $7 billion in 1990.

However, the market is expected be back to $8 billion by 2020.


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