Metal roof installations cost $1,400 per foot for the roofing material, according to a metal roof installer in the United Kingdom who has worked with the industry.

The metal roof installation is the third highest cost of any roofing system, after steel and concrete.

Metal roof cost $5,200 per foot to install, according the American Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers.

The second-highest cost of all systems is concrete, which is $2,400 for a 10-foot-tall concrete roof.

Wood and metal cost the least, at $8,000 per foot.

The most expensive metal roof system is the aluminum roof.

The steel roof system, which comes with the steel and steel reinforcing materials, is about $4.2 million per foot, according a report from the National Association of Manufacturers.

Metal roofs cost about $1.8 million per year, according Kiewit, the US roofing and roofing products consulting firm.

The average cost per foot of steel roofing is about half that of aluminum, according one estimate.

A $2.8 billion cost estimate from the US Department of Agriculture suggests the cost per roof-tile roofed area will increase to about $12 billion by 2020.

A metal roof, while being more expensive, is a much safer roof than concrete.

Steel roofing panels that have been in use since the 1980s have suffered multiple failures and were designed to be easily and cheaply replaced.

The cost of a new steel roof is higher than concrete because steel is heavier and stronger than concrete, according Toepp, the U.S. Department of Energy’s associate administrator for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

“There is no one perfect way to make concrete,” Toeamp said.

“But there is a lot of information that we have on the effectiveness of concrete in terms of corrosion control.”

Steel roofs are more expensive to install because the reinforcing bars that hold the steel in place are welded on, not welded to the concrete, Toemp said.

The panels are typically used for exterior applications, such as building roofs and fire barriers.

Concrete panels are used for building exterior walls and walls of structures.

They are generally more cost effective than steel panels because they can be easily replaced without impacting the durability of the structure, Toep said.

Metal Roofs Cost More Per Installation A new $1 million steel roof installation will cost $3.8 per foot (about $1 per square foot) for the metal roof material and about $2 per foot per foot if you install the steel on concrete, the Kiewi company said.

A new steel installation will have an average cost of $5.4 million per installation.

The company estimates that if the average cost for a steel roof for each roof tile was the same as the cost of concrete, a new installation of steel would cost $14.5 million per roof tile, the company said in a press release.

“The metal roof is an efficient, low-cost solution to provide corrosion control to concrete and steel, which are both highly porous materials,” Kiewin said.


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