Metal Coins are a new kind of metal, that has a high melting point, making them ideal for making coinage.

That said, they are expensive to produce and produce quickly, and in many cases, they can cost more than the metal in the coins themselves.

But now, a Facebook page has gone viral, causing people on the metal trading board to get irate.

The metal exchange, Metal Exchange, posted on Facebook on Thursday to alert users that the company is banning the metal coins, stating that metal coins are “too expensive” and “it’s against Facebook’s rules to use metal coins”.

Facebook is banning metal coins because metal coins do not melt well and are “against Facebook’s guidelines to use metals”.

Metal Exchange is a company run by a woman called Sarah Taggart.

She claims she’s an avid metal user and has been since 2013, but now that she’s in a relationship, she has no choice but to stop using metal coins.

“Metal coins are too expensive, and the company’s policies are to stop selling metal coins,” Taggard said in a statement.

“I know people are upset about this, but metal coins cost so much and are not safe.

Metal coins are not something people should be forced to pay to use, and I feel like this is wrong.”

Metal coins will be allowed in metal bars and bars of metal coins will remain available for metal coins and metal coins can still be bought in metal coins stores.

Taggards ban will apply to both metal and non-metal coins, and will not apply to any of the metal bars that are currently on the market.

Metal Coins is a metal exchange based in New York, and Taggarts family is part of the company.

The website is also popular with people on Reddit and Facebook.

The post about metal coins was shared over 9,500 times on Facebook.

However, the post was not the only outrage the metal exchange received.

“This is completely unacceptable.

You should have taken more precautions when you banned metal coins before Facebook,” one user commented.

Facebook is currently banning metal and other metal coins in China and has banned them in some other countries as well.

Facebook’s ban on metal coins comes after a ban on metals and other metals in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Australia and South Africa.


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