Metal dining chair makers are trying to keep their business alive with a product line that includes a popular line of plastic folding chairs, and the latest addition is the folding metal brake.

Article Continued Below articleMetal dining chairs are a bit like a modern day version of a wooden stilt, except they’re made of plastic and the pieces can fold down for easy storage and transportation.

They’re also more affordable than traditional wooden stilts because they can be bought in smaller quantities.

Metal dining benches, as they’re called, are popular among older generations and some kids, who may be interested in building their own stilts, according to the makers of the folding chairs.

But while the folding chair makers have been making them for quite a while, they’ve struggled to keep up with demand for their designs.

Metal folding chairs have been available for some time, but they’re typically more expensive than wooden stilts, especially for those with large children.

( Todd Korol / The Associated Press ) “It’s just really hard to sell this,” said Rob Leeson, a furniture designer in Montreal.

“They have a really low-volume business.”

Leeson, who has worked with metal folding chairs for years, said he hopes the new product line will help.

“I think they’re doing well with their business, so it’ll make them a bit more attractive,” he said.

The folding metal braking chairs have also attracted attention from retailers such as, which sells a variety of metal folding chair styles.

A variety of folding metal chairs can be found at Walmart stores, and they’re usually around $20-$25.

The aluminum ones are also on sale at Costco and other big retailers.

Metal folding chairs are available in sizes from small to large.

Many folding metal seating chairs come with an optional fold-down seat that makes it easier to carry a small child.

Metal folding chair maker Metal folding chair manufacturers are trying out a new product called the folding steel chair.

The folding steel chairs are more affordable but are more difficult to find, said Leeson.

(Todd Korol/The Associated Press)Metal folding metal chair makers were quick to respond to the folding stilts craze.

In January, Metal folding seat maker Avanti said its folding steel folding chairs had been making an appearance in stores and at online retailers for a while.

“It just started getting noticed a little bit and we decided to go ahead and put it on sale,” said Steve McLean, director of marketing at Avantis.

McLean said the company received a lot of inquiries from retailers, including Amazon, about the metal folding seats and wanted to make sure customers could find them.

Metal folding steel seats are available at Costco, Costco Wholesale and other major retailers.”

We’re also getting inquiries from other countries as well.”

Metal folding steel seats are available at Costco, Costco Wholesale and other major retailers.

Metal seating is one of the oldest forms of seating that people can still sit in.

Metal seating originated in Europe in the 19th century and was popular in the United States as well.

But the popularity of metal seating declined in the 1970s and 1980s as Americans moved to smaller apartments and other housing developments, such as single-family homes and townhouses.

People also moved away from metal seating to the more modern styles of steel seats that use glass.

While metal folding seat makers are getting more attention, Leeson said his folding metal brakes are still in the early stages.

He’s also hoping that the new metal seating products will help offset the declining sales of wooden stiles, which are popular with younger generations.

Leeson said he’s also looking at selling other folding metal seats that are easier to find.


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