Metal signs are a growing issue across the country.

A new report from metal fabrication company Metal Signs says they’re causing an estimated $1.3 billion in damage and an additional $2 billion in lost value each year to the American metal industry.

The metal signs are an integral part of the metal industry, with companies like Cone Industries and Milling & Mfg.

being among the biggest employers of the material.

Metal signs can be as large as five feet tall and can be up to 100 feet long, according to Metal Signs.

Metal signs can come in a variety of colors and are designed to look like any other metal sign.

However, they’re made from a different metal material, called epoxy, which is often used to coat metals in a more durable and durable finish.

It’s a high-tech way to get metals out of a sign, but the metal signs also have a very unique function: they can actually be used to create decorative signs that help customers make an impression on customers.

Metal Signs says that about half of the sign signs that they’ve tested for signs that can be used as decorative elements are actually decorative.

In fact, the company says, they’ve seen signs that look like this:It’s important to note that metal signs can only be used for decorative elements if they’re designed with the customer in mind.

For example, signs that say “You’ve been visiting this store for over a year” don’t actually work.

Metal Signs suggests that customers use signs that tell the story of the store, such as the owner or manager, to make their impression on the customer.

For more information about the dangers of metal signs and how you can protect your business, check out Metal Signs article


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