It’s been years since I’ve put down a metal chair, but I know what it’s like to sit down in one.

And now, I’m starting to learn how to build a metal junk yard.

The first step is finding a scrap yard that is clean and in good condition.

And I don’t want to get caught in a metal garbage dumpster, so I decided to start by getting the first metal chairs out of the junk. 

The junk yard, built with recycled wood, concrete and metal scraps, is just a few blocks from my house.

I’ve been putting together a metal recycling yard for about a year now, but it’s only just getting started.

I’m using scrap from the junk yard to build metal benches and other wooden furniture, but also to build the metal junk that the trash collectors leave in their waste.

It’s not exactly a good place to put trash, so the metal recycling is where I’m most excited to start.

I started by cutting up a cardboard box and building the wooden frame that I’ll use to hold the wooden chairs and metal junk.

I then used the cardboard box to build out a metal scrap yard.

This metal scrap is just one piece of wood and concrete, so it has no real weight, but its just a good starting point.

It takes about two weeks to build up the wooden frames, and once I get the wooden ones down, I’ll add the metal chairs.

I’ll start with the wooden benches.

I don’st have any scrap, so just building them is the best way to start and make sure they’re sturdy.

They are also perfect for the metal scrap, because they can be used for scrap metal.

I bought some scrap from my junk yard and cut it into little pieces, which I placed in the wooden bench and metal scrap.

I used the scraps to make the wooden seats.

The wooden seats will be the first thing I build.

This will be my first metal junk furniture, so we need to start small.

I built a few wooden benches for my junk.

After building the benches, I placed the wood on top of them and used a piece of cardboard to hold it.

As soon as I put it on top, I started working on the metal scraps.

I was careful not to damage the wooden parts as I was cutting the metal parts.

Once I got the metal pieces down, the metal chair frame was ready.

I put the wooden seat frame on top and added some wood to the bottom, then I used a metal scraper to cut the metal part off.

The scraper and wood were all the same size.

I had to cut out a piece about an inch longer to get it to fit.

I also had to make sure the wood didn’t come through the frame.

The metal scrap I got from the scrap yard was just one chunk of wood that was bigger than the wooden part.

After that, I used some nails to make holes for the wooden and metal parts, and I also put some glue to hold everything together.

I got everything nice and tight, so that’s what I’m going to be cutting out.

It took me about two hours to get all of the pieces to a final size.

The next step is going to add the wooden backboards and other metal furniture.

I started with the metal backboards, which are basically pieces of wood cut into small pieces.

I went with a wooden backboard for the legs, but the other pieces could have been made out of a wooden plank or a cardboard board.

I decided that a piece that was only a quarter of an inch long would be the perfect size.

And since I’m just using a wooden frame, I took a piece out of it, too.

For the rest of the wood, I just used some metal nails to cut it out of pieces.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so here it is.

This is the piece that’s going to hold up the backboards.

Here’s the piece of metal I used to glue the wood onto.

It has a couple holes for where the wood was going to go.

And this is what the wood looks like after it was glued.

I just put a lot of glue on it to keep it from sticking.

The wood is just like this, but with a metal frame.

Then I just added the metal frame to the back of the chair.

The frame will hold up everything else that’s in the junk house.

When I’m finished, I will have a nice, sturdy wooden back, and a metal backboard that will sit in my junk house and will look pretty cool.

Now that I have a junk yard in my backyard, I can start building out metal scrap yards for other metal items.

If I’m not building out a scrapyard for my own scrap metal, I might consider starting with metal junk and building out scrap metal scrapyards


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