I have a metal wall slab that sits on the desk I work on.

I have several pieces of metal with holes through them that I can put on my laptop.

I am a little obsessed with metal, so I make sure to keep a metal stamping board up on my desk.

It’s also where I have the metal slug I’m going to show you how to create a metal slug. 

I decided to start with a solid piece of metal and slowly work my way through the layers of metal until I got to the most important one.

I took a piece of sheet metal and traced out a few circles on it to help me get the metal to lay flat.

I then carefully sanded the edges and edges with a sandpaper and carefully drilled a hole through the middle of the metal so I could easily insert the metal into the slab.

I cut a hole into the bottom of the slab and attached the metal by putting two screws through the holes.

Next I drilled two holes through the bottom, then four holes through, then six holes through. 

Next I attached the bottom and the sides of the plate together by attaching them to a long piece of plywood and then attached the plate to the bottom by attaching a second screw.

The screws held the plate in place, and I just took the plate and started cutting it.

The plate ended up being about 10 inches long.

After cutting the plates, I sanded them down to the proper consistency, then sanded down the edges to a dull, matte finish.

After that, I glued the metal in place. 

It took about 10 minutes to make, and it took me about an hour to glue everything together. 

To make the metal slab, I first used a flat surface like a piece, which is a good thing because you don’t want it to stick out in front of your laptop.

Then I used a pencil to mark the hole I wanted to use as a metal surface, and then I used an angle grinder to grind the metal until it was smooth. 

After the metal was glued in place and sanded to a smooth finish, I used some hot glue to hold the plate on the slab until I was done. 

You can use whatever tools you need to get the job done, but I use a bit of a screwdriver and a bit more hot glue than you might use with a standard metal stamp. 

Now that I have everything in place I can start creating the metal, which will require some basic techniques.

First, I use hot glue.

First of all, hot glue is very flammable, so be careful when using it.

I also recommend you take some care with hot glue, as it can burn your hands.

Next, I start by creating a small groove in the center of the hole that you want to fill in. 

Then I use the hot glue gun to make a small hole in the groove, and the glue is then spread through the hole and the groove until it is flush with the surface of the top of the slide. 

Finally, I apply the hot glued metal to the plate, then attach the plate.

The next step is to make the plate pop. 

The plates pop out of the wall, and they look like this.

The reason for this is that the plate has a metal plate, which means it has a seam that can be easily bent.

I used hot glue and hot glue guns to create small seam in the plate so that I could fold the plate back over itself.

The result is a little more than a regular plate, but the result is pretty close. 

As you can see, the plate is about a foot long and about half as wide.

You can also see that I’ve got two holes in the bottom. 

With the plate attached, I put a small piece of paper on top of it so that the paper can be seen when I’m making the metal plate. 

When you glue the plate over the paper, you’ll notice that it’s actually very hot. 

That’s because the heat from the hot metal is pushing against the plate’s metal surface. 

Once the plate sits on top the paper and the paper is hot, you can easily slide the paper off of the table. 

 The process can take up to a half hour or more, depending on the size of your plate.

If you’re making a metal slab that is longer than about 6 inches, you may want to put a bit less of the paper on the plate than you’d like.

Then you can move it a little closer to the surface as you glue.

If you want the plate as big as the laptop you’re working on, you might want to leave a bit or even a quarter inch of the sheet paper on your plate, to prevent it from getting too hot and damaging your laptop’s internals. 

If you have any questions about making your own metal slab for your laptop, please let


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