When metal roofs go up, how to pay for it

It’s not just metal roofs that can be bought for high prices in Asia.

Most metal roofing products, such as asphalt and concrete, can be sold for $5 or more per square foot, with the price depending on the material used and the material you’re looking to use. 

In many cases, though, a roofing installation could cost less than $100 per square meter. 

So if you want to buy a $20,000 aluminum roof, that might not be enough for you to cover your entire house. 

However, when you think about the price of aluminum, you might be able to find a cheaper option. 

For example, in the past, a lot of aluminum roofing was made by a company called Alumco that sells the same roofing as the ones you buy at Home Depot and Lowe’s. 

Now, however, that company is owned by a group of Chinese companies, including Alumcom. 

According to the company, they made a deal with Home Depot, and AlumCom is now selling their aluminum roof to Home Depot for $1.35 per square yard.

Alumco, in turn, is selling aluminum roofings at Lowe’s for $6 per square-foot. 

The cost of aluminum can be lower if you’re willing to pay more for the material itself. 

If you want aluminum that’s harder and more expensive to manufacture, it could be a good deal if you buy it in bulk. 

Another way to find aluminum is by checking local metal suppliers.

Alum, for example, has a huge selection of aluminum available. 

Alum is also selling aluminum panels for about $10 per square inch.

The same goes for aluminum for roofs.

Alums is also known for its aluminum roof for apartments and townhouses. 

With that said, aluminum panels that are made of the same material and similar dimensions will likely be about $30-35 per cubic foot, according to the Alumcorp website.

When the metal chairs came out: What’s a metal chair and why are they dangerous?

Metal chairs are a type of device that use metal springs to control how the chair bends, and they’re designed to protect people from falling or falling over.

While these chairs are used for a variety of purposes, they are increasingly being used to guard against deadly falls.

One metal chair in particular, called the Barrett metal detector, has been used to track down a man suspected of murdering two people last year in New York City.

A metal detector was used to apprehend Barrett’s killer and was used in New Orleans, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

In fact, a metal detector is one of the most common tools used in law enforcement in New Mexico, according the Albuquerque Police Department, which has a metal detectors unit that patrols the area.

The metal detector uses a metal plate to detect whether there’s any metal on a person, and then uses a video camera to record the video.

The video can then be used to determine if the person is in fact a suspect in the murder.

Metal detectors have been around for a long time, but they’ve become more popular in recent years.

The first metal detector that was put on a public street was installed in San Francisco in 1877.

There are now more than 3,500 metal detectors in the United States, according Google News.

Metal detector use is on the rise because it’s easier to detect dangerous situations.

The U.S. has about 6,000 metal detectors, according one study.

There were 2,945,000 searches in 2015.

And according to Google News, metal detectors have grown in popularity among teenagers.

Metal chairs can be used as security barriers, and can be placed at certain locations.

A few years ago, a man named Brett Woodfield was found guilty of murdering a man in New Hampshire.

Woodfield, who was found to have two guns, was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for the murder of Christopher Kocher.

In March 2017, a person was found dead at the home of a man who was a victim of the crime.

The man was identified as Sean Smith, a former Marine who was killed by Woodfield’s former partner, Christopher Lee.

A person was also found dead inside a metal seat in the home that had been used by Smith’s former girlfriend, who has been identified as Amanda Smith.

A video posted on YouTube in June 2017 showed the metal seat being used as a barricade and Smith using a gun to shoot at police officers who tried to stop him from entering the home.

A woman found shot to death in a metal wheelchair at a house in the Los Angeles area in June of 2016.

A family member told CNN the woman, who had been shot multiple times, was an advocate for women’s rights.

A young girl was shot to the head and killed in an apartment building in New Jersey in March of 2016 and a video showed a young girl being shot with a pellet gun, according CNN.

A group of men were arrested in the killing of a 17-year-old boy who had lived with his grandmother and stepmother in Brooklyn, New York, on Feb. 18, 2016.

The 16-year old boy was found in the stairwell of his apartment, shot multiple multiple times and died from multiple gunshot wounds, authorities said.

A man was shot and killed while trying to rob a bank in Chicago on Dec. 15, 2017.

Police said the victim was shot in the back as he tried to rob the bank.

He was identified by the Illinois Department of Justice as 18-year, white male, who is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing 125 pounds, with a medium complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes.

What the world needs to know about the inner transition metals

It was the end of August 2016 and I had just finished finishing my first day of welding at my job in Melbourne.

I’d been working with a small group of metal polish artists who were working on their own brand of inner transition metal.

They were also using a metal port for their own metal carsport.

I didn’t see them as any kind of threat, because I knew they had been doing their own thing for quite some time.

I’m sure it would have been easy to dismiss them as another group of tinkerers.

But I’d never heard of them.

They seemed to be a new, and very small, type of carport company that was taking on a huge challenge.

What I saw and heard in the shop reminded me a lot of my experience working at a carport factory, a few years back, where we were asked to come up with ideas and create a car for a competition.

There’s something to be said for taking a big risk, especially when the stakes are as high as mine were.

And, as I looked at my metal port I noticed that it was a metal with a little bit of metal in it.

I knew this was a challenge, but I also knew that if we worked on this metal port it would be my own metal carport.

This was my first exposure to inner transition carports.

They had already been doing this for a couple of years by that point, but in the process of making this carport I was going to be making it, and I was really proud of it.

This carport is going to take on a lot more responsibility than just the carport it is.

It’s going to create a lot less noise and pollution, and it’s going, in my opinion, to be an integral part of the Australian economy for decades to come.

I’ve worked with a lot carports over the years, but this one was unique because it was the first I’d seen it.

Its design was a big part of its charm, and its purpose was to create something that would actually work.

But, at the same time, the metal port was so new, I wasn’t sure how well it was going.

I was very excited to see what was going on, but as I went in there I didn´t see much to do.

I couldn´t hear anything.

I had to trust the people in the workshop, and to work with them to find out what was happening.

I started to ask questions.

The people in charge of the metalport were really keen to know what was really going on with this metal.

After a couple hours, I asked one of the people there what was the reason for this sudden lack of activity.

She explained that they had decided to start the metal carports with a metal piece that was completely different from the one we had been using for some time, and that the new metal was going into the car, and they were going to have to do a lot to fix it.

She also explained that it wasn´t going to just be an internal port, and we were going have to change the inside of the car to suit this new metal.

I wanted to hear what they had to say, so I asked again, and this time I got the same answer: it was too early to know, and the problem wasn´ t going to get better.

I asked if they could come up a plan of action and see what would be the best solution to this problem.

They explained that the metal would be welded together and it would need to be removed from the car in the first place, so they needed to wait until it was complete before they could put it in.

They wanted to be sure that we understood that, and said that they wanted to do all of this with no noise, no pollution, no problems.

They said that we needed to be really careful to make sure that the work was done properly, and were planning on keeping all the safety equipment in place to ensure the car wasn´s safe.

They then went on to tell me that they were building this metal to be used in their carsport, and had made sure that all the necessary safety measures were in place.

But they had just decided to remove the metal piece from the metal vehicle, and needed to find someone to weld it back on.

And they wanted me to make it all right.

So I made a list of things to be careful about, and then went into the metal and weld room and did my best to get everything to be as good as I could.

When I got in, I found the metal was being welded in such a way that it could potentially create a hole in the metal.

It was obviously not a good thing to do, but they had no plans of getting it repaired or replacing it. They didn´ t want to hear that I was worried about it.

So they just told me to just wait and see. I

What the new EPA rules mean for auto parts, brakes, and other equipment

When the new Clean Air Act and other federal laws take effect in 2020, there will be a new regulatory regime.

This includes vehicle parts, brake systems, and others.

There is a lot of debate about how these regulations will affect the industry, but a few things should be clear: The standards are aimed at making sure the products and parts on the market are safe.

They are not aimed at stopping pollution.

The standards were developed with the goal of preventing dangerous emissions.

But there are other potential impacts to the industry.

Here’s what you need to know.


Safety standards are still under review 1.1.

What the standards are for engine emissions The Clean Air Acts require automakers to install emission control technology on cars and trucks.

Some of this technology includes sensors to detect the presence of a variety of pollutants.

It also includes a sensor that detects air pollutants at the engine, so the engine can shut off if it becomes too hot or the temperature drops too low.

The industry has been working on these technologies for years.

The EPA finalized the standards in 2016, but it was an interim step.

After the standards were finalized, the EPA issued a final rule in January 2021.

The final rule was expected to be released in 2018.

But, as of late 2018, the agency was still in the process of updating the standards to reflect the new technologies and other technology developments.

This new rule is expected to take effect on January 1, 2021.

1 of 25 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × What the EPA rules for air pollution mean for you View Photos The Environmental Protection Agency will issue a final version of the rules to make sure the industry is complying with the rules.

The rules are aimed to make it easier for manufacturers to comply with the law.

This will allow the auto industry to begin the process to move forward with more stringent emissions standards.

But it will also mean some changes to the way auto manufacturers and suppliers manufacture parts.

The companies that make the parts will also have to comply.

This is not a done deal.

A major concern with the regulations is that they will make it harder for manufacturers and some suppliers to innovate and meet the new requirements.

Some companies, including General Motors, are already moving to adopt new technology to reduce emissions.

Others are already testing and testing to reduce the amount of pollution they produce.

But the industry needs to figure out what its best way is to achieve the new standards.

For now, manufacturers are working with regulators to ensure that their production processes comply with new standards, and the industry will be left to figure it out.

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How to build a strong, strong, durable, durable metal frame outdoors

The strong, heavy metal frame has been around since the dawn of mankind, and is often used to protect homes from the elements.

But it is often overlooked as an outdoor furniture item, which is why this article is so important.

Here are 10 tips to build your own strong, sturdy metal frame outside.


Don’t use a metal frame that has been stripped or damaged by heavy rain or snow.

Metal frames that have been stripped of their metal parts or even damaged by snow or rain can be a safety hazard, as the elements can cause structural damage.


Choose an inexpensive, lightweight metal frame with a solid and strong core.

If you can afford it, this is a great option for any outdoor furniture project.

A solid and sturdy core will give your frame strength and strength, but also will help keep it from becoming unstable.


Don the metal frame without using a nail file or a metal saw.

Nail file or metal saws can damage your frame and can even break it.

If your frame is in good shape, you should still go with a nail and/or a metal file.


Don, don’t try to build the frame using an open-top tool like a screwdriver or hammer.

This can lead to uneven weight distribution, which can cause damage to your frame.

Instead, get a metal or plastic drill press.


If possible, make sure you buy a steel frame, not a plastic frame.

Steel frame can be very strong, but plastic frames are much lighter and easier to move around.


You can buy some strong outdoor hardware to help you secure your metal frame.

There are many different types of woodworking tools, but a strong frame will hold its weight well.

Here’s a list of woodworkers tools to get you started.


Use a heavy duty hammer.

Hammering your metal frames together will make your project stronger.

If this isn’t possible, you can always buy a heavy-duty hammer that you can attach to a sturdy bar.


Buy a metal-to-metal frame attachment kit.

You might be able to buy a frame that is not too heavy to carry around, but you might want to make sure it is heavy enough to handle heavy-sized objects.


Have a strong anchor.

The stronger your anchor, the stronger your frame will be.

A strong and sturdy anchor can hold your frame together, but it will also make it easier to get it out of the way.


Buy an outdoor bar or a stand.

A sturdy, sturdy bar can hold a strong metal frame for hours without having to worry about it falling apart.

When you have a metal filing cabinet in your garage, you need a metal fence panel

A metal filing panel can be used to create a rustic and rustic look to your garage.

It can also be used for a rustless finish, like a metal floor.

But if you need something that’s durable, it can also look good on the wall.

Metal fence panels have been around for a long time, but it’s now becoming more common to find them in the automotive world.

“Metal fences are great for people who need to put their hands in the air and get their hands to the edge of the cabinets, like people who have a small garage or are trying to maintain a garage in a more rustic style,” said Matthew MacLellan from the RAC Foundation.

The RAC foundation has been working with metal fence panels for many years, and they’ve been making them for years.

One of the things they’ve discovered is that the more metal the panel is, the more rust it will have, which will make the panel more rust resistant.

The RACFoundation’s Matthew Maclellan says the more corrosion-resistant metal the fence panel is made of, the better it will hold up over time.

When it comes to protecting the panel from scratches, it’s also a good idea to use a coating of paint on it to make it less likely to rust.

MacLellam says the best way to get a metal panel is to use one that’s about a metre long, and have the door of the cabinet that holds it painted white or dark brown.

If it’s painted red, then you need to paint the panels with the same color paint.

For a rust-proof panel, the RRC recommends using a metal coating, and this is where a metal fencing panel comes in.

They recommend using a coat of paint that has a clear coating that looks like metal, like black or orange.

“The paint will make it more rust-resistant, it will give it an even more rustproof finish,” MacLelam said.

There’s also some advice for applying the paint.

“If you have metal panels that have a high level of corrosion, then applying the metal paint with the metal is not recommended,” Maclall said.

Metal fence panels are a great way to add a rusticity to your home, and it’s a good option for people looking to preserve their garage. “

You can also use a clear coat of rust resistant paint.”

Metal fence panels are a great way to add a rusticity to your home, and it’s a good option for people looking to preserve their garage.

You can use a metal foil coat to create rustproof finishes, like rust-free metal.

You can use the same coating for the interior and exterior of your garage for a very rustic finish.

What the metal fence will look like once it’s completed: Financial Post

Metal fences are a big topic in the metal industry.

For years, fence makers have been designing them for a variety of uses, from the military to industrial and residential uses.

Some of the more popular designs are metal fences and metal gates, while others include the ubiquitous steel fence and gate.

But these fences have had some trouble keeping up with the times, especially in terms of their environmental impact.

They are often built in such a way that they’re more difficult to maintain, according to an article in The Guardian.

For example, in the United States, the fence on the top of a house is usually made of steel.

In Canada, it is usually a piece of galvanized steel.

The most common type of metal fence is known as an overhang, or a wire mesh fence.

The overhanging fence is made up of a piece called a steel beam or wire mesh, with a metal mesh that sits on top of it.

The metal mesh is connected to a concrete or concrete-lined metal fence that runs from the overhang to the outside of the house.

This concrete-line fence is sometimes called a metal fence or metal fence with a mesh.

The wire mesh is usually the same color as the overhanged mesh, but it is made of a lighter material like polycarbonate, rather than galvanized iron.

The most common types of overhangs are made of two pieces of metal mesh: a wire-like overhang and a metal-metal mesh.

These mesh are connected to each other by a piece known as a “fence ring.”

The ring has a mesh attached to the top and bottom of the mesh, which is then attached to a steel wire mesh.

For overhang fencing, there is usually no fence ring.

The metal mesh overhanger is the type that is usually seen on commercial buildings, such as skyscrapers.

The ring on the overhung overhang can be made of galvanised steel, but other materials are also used.

The mesh mesh overhang is often made of concrete, although some metal mesh fencing can also be made from concrete.

In the United Kingdom, the over-hanging metal mesh fence is commonly known as the metal mesh gate.

This is the kind of fence that sits behind the home and can be secured with a chain link fence.

In the United states, overhangers typically come in the form of metal fences, which can be seen on a lot of buildings in residential areas.

In Canada, over-hung overhalls and metal mesh fences are often referred to as metal fences.

They usually are made up out of a variety or types of metal, such a concrete mesh or polycarbonated steel mesh.

In some cases, they also are made out of steel or concrete.

This type of overhang fence is usually constructed out of two mesh rings and can also have a metal ring that sits between the overheads.

The steel ring is often called a “grip fence.”

These metal fences are usually not designed to last as long as a traditional overhang.

Overhangs, or mesh fences, are typically constructed with a fence ring that runs across the top.

The fencing is then connected to the overgate by a metal gate, which sits in front of the gate.

The gate is usually secured with steel wire or concrete or other material.

Metal mesh fences can have the same shape as overhides.

For instance, in Canada, metal mesh mesh fences typically have a curved top with a ring attached to it, while overhats have a straight top and a ring that is attached to an overhange.

In addition, there are sometimes different shapes of metal overhikes, such that the top is a straight vertical line while the bottom is a curved vertical line.

The wire mesh over-hang is a type of wire mesh that can be attached to metal gates or gates that sit on top a metal overhang like a fence.

This metal mesh usually is a thin strip of steel wire, like the one used in fencing.

It can be bolted or welded to a metal surface, but sometimes it can also simply be attached by welding.

A wire mesh can also attach to a structure or a metal object.

Metal fencing overhomes are typically made of wire.

The material used for the wire mesh usually has a very high corrosion resistance, which makes it very strong.

It’s also relatively cheap to build, which means it’s usually easier to replace if something breaks.

Metal fences are typically used in commercial buildings where they help keep residents and property safe.

The only downside is that the wire fences are more expensive to build than overhiding fences, since it takes longer to build.

Metal fence overhoses can also come in a variety forms.

Some overhoes are made from wire mesh or concrete and can usually be made out in different colors.

Other overhouts can be built from concrete or steel, and they typically have two or three mesh rings on top.

These overh

How to Build a Metal Pegboard with the Right Materials

The metal fence panels you see in a lot of metal furniture are actually ferrous ferrous materials, which means they are not made of metal but of an alloy called ferrous iron.

This makes the metal panels a perfect choice for building metal fences.

Ferrous ferromagnets, on the other hand, are ferrous oxides of iron, which are a mix of ferrous and other materials.

Ferromagnet-based fences are often made of thin, lightweight glass, and they’re generally cheaper to build than ferrous metal fences made of ferromagnetics.

Metal Pegboards, on this other hand are made of an entirely different type of metal, a metal alloy called beryllium ferrite.

Beryllite, which is found in bauxite and other minerals, is a nonferrous metal, so it’s also lighter than metal ferrous.

Metal pegboards are made by coating the wood with beryls, which contain the metal berylides.

Beryl, the element that makes berylene (the material used to make fluorescent lamps), also contains berylla ferrite, and beryldesulfonate, a chemical that makes the beryltin that’s used to form the beryl-borium alloy, is also used to build berylesulfonates.

These metal pegboards can be made with either beryllo ferrite or berylasulfonated berylamine (berylsulfonamide).

You can also use berylar as a filler to make metal fences and also make metal roofing.

Metal fences can also be made from a combination of ferric and ferrous berylelements.

This is where the name “metal fence” comes from.

Bicycles and other vehicles that can carry loads are commonly made of both ferrous steel and ferric aluminum, but these materials also have some metal-like qualities.

Ferric aluminum is composed of ferroxide and a number of other metals, and ferro-silicon is a form of iron oxide that’s often used to produce ferrous aluminum.

Bicarbonate (boiling soda) is a type of carbonate that’s added to the steel, making it ferrous-ferrous.

Bicsulfate (bromine) is an iron sulfide that’s also used as a catalyst in ferrous metallurgy.

Boron is also found in the steel used to manufacture metal fences, so steel berylation (making steel with Boron) is commonly used to finish metal fences with a berylayl-boride coating.

This coating can be applied to the metal or glass of the fence, and it’s usually applied first.

The metal is then cured in a hot oven or a pressure cooker to cure the boron.

The process can take several hours or days.

It’s not uncommon for a metal fence to last years, though, and some metal fences are made to last thousands of years.

Baryllite Ferrite is the baryllium metal that’s most commonly used in metal fence production, and the boryllium alloy is often called barylium ferric.

Borylium metal has a lower melting point than iron metal, and therefore it’s often coated with barylsulfate or barylesulfonic acid.

Bismuth bismuth is another metal alloy used in ferric metal fence coating, but it’s made of bismutin, which also contains iron.

Ferris iron is also a metal used in the construction of beryling and beryl fences.

A berylly ferrite fence can be thin enough to be used in a door, and metal ferris iron can be thick enough to coat a window or other structure.

Ferritin is an intermediate metal alloy between beryliin and ferrite and it also contains some ferrous elements.

This type of ferritin can be used to coat ferrous, beryled, and other metal elements.

Ferryl Ferritins are used for the construction and coating of beryl and ferromagnetic metal fences in which berylled ferrite is used.

They are usually made of nickel or nickel-iron, and usually contain a high percentage of iron.

Some ferrite ferries can be as thick as 6 feet, but berylic ferries typically can be just 2 feet long.

Borosulfonating Agents Borosulphonates, or boric acid, are also used for beryellium ferroelectrics.

Boronic acid, boric oxide, and manganese oxide are used in berylcrafter and bierdene ferrochemical processes.

Metal Ferrous Ferrous metal ferric, or ferrous glass, ferrous silica, and hydrated ferrous sulfide are also often used in Ferro

Heavy metal fence posts put metal in the wrong hands

Metal fences are commonly used for metal fences that protect crops and livestock from weeds.

When people go to harvest their crops, they often put metal fences around their property to stop weeds.

But sometimes, when people harvest their crop, they also put metal fence signs to make sure that it’s safe to harvest.

When metal fence post posts are put in the right hands, the metal will not only attract the insects, but also the birds that feed on the plants.

For this reason, some people worry that metal fence and metal fence sign posts will attract unwanted birds.

But the metal fence is only a barrier to the birds.

So the birds will have to stay away.

“There are no birds to be harmed.

And there are no people to be hurt,” said Dr. Carlos F. Mendoza, a veterinarian in Mexico City.

The birds that nest in the metal fences have a natural defense mechanism.

“The birds that are eating the fruit, they have no defense mechanism at all,” he said.

“They just jump up and they start to eat.

They’re eating the grain.”

Fences protect birds’ health Fences can also be harmful to the health of birds, which are protected by birds’ feathers.

For example, some birds may not get enough nutrients from the fruits they eat, so they may lose weight or die.

This could be bad for the health and longevity of birds.

Fences also can be a barrier for wildlife.

In one study, researchers from the University of Maryland and the University at Albany found that when people placed metal fence markers on their property, they increased the chances that other birds were going to come and eat that land.

Fencing also may be harmful for wildlife, like birds.

Birds, like many animals, have a sense of smell and use smell to find their food.

Birds that have a taste for the fruit in the field might not be able to identify it as food, and will not go out to eat it.

This makes them less able to avoid predators like the crows that eat the birds or the rats that feed in the fields.

“If they have to go out and hunt, they can’t just walk down the street,” Mendozas said.

Fence protection and bird health A number of other studies have found that metal fences can actually have an impact on bird health.

Some studies have shown that metal fencing is linked to an increase in the numbers of crows and other insects.

Others have found an increase and decreased in the number of small birds and bats.

A study published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution found that the presence of metal fence lines increases the numbers and size of cockroaches and other small rodents that live in the landscape.

The study found that in some areas of Mexico, metal fences increase the amount of food available to birds and small mammals.

In other areas, metal fence areas are not effective.

In the U.S., a number of studies have also shown that fence lines can affect the number and size and abundance of birds and other animals.

For instance, one study showed that in one study of 2,000 bird colonies, birds that live near metal fences had fewer colonies and smaller numbers of eggs.

“In the wild, we know that birds are social, they nest together,” said John L. Schaeffer, a bird conservation biologist at the University Museum of Natural History in New York City.

“And that means they will take care of each other.

They will be around each other and feed and care for each other.”

This could affect the health, and even the survival of the birds, if they are not able to access the food they need to survive.

And that is a major concern for people.

“This is a really big problem for humans.

You want to have birds that can fly and that will go out there and get food,” Mendeza said.

For a long time, it has been thought that bird populations and the overall health of the landscape were more important than metal fences.

But a growing body of research has shown that when we remove fences and plant trees and gardens around the perimeter of our property, the birds are not harmed.

When you have fences, you remove the deterrent.

“What happens if you have a fence around your house?” said Mendozan.

“That fence becomes a barrier.

So it’s the fence that will be an obstacle.”

The Fast and the Furious series may be returning, but there’s a catch

The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2016) is the latest film in the franchise and it has a lot to live up to.

The new installment is expected to be a big hit with fans of the franchise.

The Fast&Furious franchise is set to return in 2018.

The movie is expected be the highest grossing film of the Fast & Furious franchise so far.

It’s unclear if the movie will be released in multiplexes or on home video.

There is a limited release planned for July 27, 2020, which will feature the Fast&Friends 3D film as well as other titles.

In a press release, Paramount Pictures announced the news of the film’s release date.

The announcement was made on Tuesday at the 2016 International Toy Fair in Los Angeles, where the studio announced that the film will be the first movie to be released on home film since 2015’s The Last Stand.

The Fast & The Furious: Toronto Drift will feature a special version of the series featuring the same characters from the previous films.

The film will also have a new opening sequence, and it will feature new music by the legendary John Williams.

In addition, it will also be the fourth installment in the series, and will follow up on the story of the first two films.

The film will not be released theatrically or on DVD.

In addition to the special opening sequence and new music, Paramount has added a new trailer.

The new trailer features the same new characters as the trailer from the first three films, but it’s the first time the franchise will feature two women in a leading role.

The trailer also introduces the cast of new villains, and introduces new scenes with the original cast of characters.


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